How is ground poultry made?

How is ground poultry made?

Meat in a basic product used to prepare many dishes. Ground poultry is a product that consumers use relatively often. There is much talk about the quality of food products and the need to verify it before making a purchase, but meat processing itself is equally important. That is why today we will briefly discuss what the process of making minced poultry looks like, what types of meat are used and what standards must be met to obtain high quality end product.

Meat selection and the course of the process

Chicken and turkey meat is used for the production of minced poultry. It is worth mentioning that they must come from turkey and chicken carcasses produced in accordance with the requirements included in the QAFP industry guidebook. What we mean here is the confirmation by the manufacturer that they hold a valid QAFP certificate. If common salt is added to such meat, its content may not exceed 1% in relation to the weight of the meat. Chilled parts of turkey and chicken carcasses (which cannot be stored for more than 48 hours from the time of slaughter), including leg muscles without thick tendons, pectoral muscles and wing muscles obtained from turkey meat are used for the production of minced poultry. The temperature at the processing site is also important for the production of minced meat. It must not exceed twelve degrees Celsius in the trimming area. The meat is minced using a mesh with the aperture of two to five millimetres, and the final temperature of the ground poultry must not exceed two degrees Celsius.

What are the requirements for the finished meat product?

In order for minced meat to be suitable for the consumer, it must meet a number of requirements. We are talking primarily about its colour. The meat should be pinkish red or dark red in colour and the fat must be white. The fat content depends primarily on the part of the chicken or turkey the minced meat has been made of. If the meat comes from the wings or legs, the maximum fat content is 10%, and the breast meat has 5% fat content. The content of connective tissue is also important. In the case of breast meat it may not exceed 10%, and if the meat comes from the legs or wings it may not be higher than 15%. The smell should be characteristic of minced meat.