History of the Starmeat company

The history of the company dates back to 2010, when under the name of Techno-Food Sp.J. we carried out activities in the scope of the production of spice blends and functional additives for the food industry. In 2013, as a result of market changes we altered our specialisation to the production of mechanically separated poultry meat and started operations under a new name of Starmeat S.C. in a production facility opened in Aleksandrów Łódzki, and since 2016 we have been operating under the name of Starmeat Katowicz, Ignatowicz Spółka Jawna. Over these several years we have been persistently striving to develop on the market a positive image of our brand among recipients and suppliers of raw material. It results in consistently growing demand for our products, which in combination with constantly expanding group of recipients has allowed us to take next steps. In 2019 we commenced the construction of the most advanced minced meat and meat-cutting production facility in Poland, where at the end of 2020 we commenced the first production. Currently, operating capacities of the new plant allow us to produce 200 tonnes of meat per day.


  • possession of BRC and IFS international quality certificates
  • possession of HALAL certificate
  • analysers continuously controlling such physico-chemical parameters as water, protein, fat and calcium
  • metal detectors
  • central system of washing and disinfection of the plant


  • transportation of products in controlled temperatures, online access to current temperature of transportation
  • full control of the fleet due to the GPS locator
  • 24-hours contact with the Logistics Department


  • freezing products to -18°C within 60 minutes
  • fully automated packaging and palletising line
  • integrated IT system allowing us to trace the history at each stage of production, starting from the acceptance of raw material until the delivery of finished products
  • removal of bone crush with compressed air, performed without the human factor
  • system allowing us to obtain the freezing temperature of – 55°C
  • use of waste heat to secure the thermal power of the plant


  • modern freezing equipment reducing the release of harmful freon and ammonia into the atmosphere due to the application of cascade generators using the CO2 factor
  • application of contact freezing, which allows the elimination of plastic packaging
  • heat recovery from refrigerating units, reducing the release of harmful substances into the atmosphere