Official opening of the plant in Koluszki

31.08.2020 Official opening of the plant in Koluszki

The official opening of our newly built poultry cutting and poultry meat production plant in Koluszki took place on 31.08.2020. The event began with an official welcome to the guests, a glass of champagne and the blessing of the new plant. The guest were local government representatives, a dean of the Catholic Church, trusted, long-standing partners of the company and contractors, who actively took part in the construction of the plant. After a short while, the guests were invited to tour the plant and the owners boldly shared all the technological innovations used in the plant.

After the official start, guests were invited to a nearby venue for the further, more entertaining part of the evening. With the accompaniment of dance music, everyone took part in the festivities together. During the evening there were many fascinating attractions such as a horse-drawn carriage ride to the forest, a show of horse stunt performers or a breathtaking night ride of a horse with a burning rider. The thrilling evening was complemented with the Live Cooking night station where a specialist in the preparation of all kinds of meat put on a culinary show.