What meat is best suited for poultry chops?

Kotlety z kurczakaChops have been one of the most popular dishes in Poland for several years. Poultry meat is increasingly replacing pork and beef as their main ingredient. The main factor in favour of poultry is its taste and nutritional value, which is why it is appreciated by both gourmets and healthy food enthusiasts. There are different types of poultry meat, but turkey meat in particular is suitable for chops due to its characteristics.


A chop made of 200 grams of turkey breast has only 160 calories. That is 40 kcal less than a chicken chop and 100 kcal less than a pork chop. Turkey breast is the leanest meat, which also contains much less cholesterol than other types of meat appearing on our plates. Low fat content and high protein content also make it easy to digest and it can be served to the youngest without fear. Turkey meat is also appreciated by dieticians and that is why it is included in many weight loss diets as it is a great source of niacin, selenium, zinc and B6 and B12 vitamins. Also dermatologists advise to eat turkey meat because it contains nutrients that have positive effect on the skin and hair.


Turkey meat is chosen by consumers who are looking for quality products from reliable producers. In addition to the above-mentioned nutritional and health properties, turkey meat also has a number of advantages appreciated by professional chefs and amateurs of good cuisine. It can be used for roasting and frying and combines perfectly with delicate, spicy and sweet flavours. Poultry meat requires a short heat treatment at high temperature, so it is perfect for poultry chops. Short time of preparing a dish does not mean that it loses its qualities. Poultry chops are a perfect match for the menu for intimate dinners, but also for a larger number of people, e.g., during family and social events.


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