What meat are nuggets made of?

NuggetsNuggets are extremely popular (especially among children) breaded pieces of meat, which we may associate mainly with fast food restaurants. Obviously, the preparation of high-quality nuggets requires a particular type of meat, and poultry seems to be the best choice. The most popular type of poultry meat for making the appropriately shaped pieces with a very distinctive taste and appearance is, of course, chicken. Chicken is a type of meat containing large amounts of nutritious and easily digestible protein. In addition, this type of meat is also characterised by a high vitamin content and, naturally, a unique taste. Another type of poultry well suitable for making nuggets is turkey. A characteristic feature of turkey is very little or no fat content, which makes it very easily digestible. Turkey meat also contains a large amount of essential amino acids and B vitamins for proper functioning of human organism, as well as minerals such as iron and magnesium. When choosing meat for nuggets, we may obviously opt for poultry fillets, however, a much better solution (especially for meat processing companies) may be Baader products, i.e. mechanically separated ground meat.

Why are nuggets so popular?

Nuggets have gained their popularity due to a variety of factors. Firstly, they are certainly very easy to prepare as the entire product is based on the proper preparation of breaded pieces of meat. Nuggets are also a very interesting and undoubtedly much healthier alternative to hamburgers, which are served in various menus offered by fast food restaurants. What is more, nuggets simply have a very interesting, unique taste that is loved not only by children, but also by adults. Poultry nuggets can also be served as a snack at various types of events, so they certainly deserve to be perceived a bit more favourably.


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