Jakie mięso stosuje się w hamburgerach drobiowych?

Burgery stały się w ostatnim czasie bardzo popularne. Burgerownie powstające jak grzyby po deszczu, serwują specjały z mięsem wołowym, wieprzowym lub drobiowym oraz z różnymi dodatkami. Na czym polega sekret idealnego burgera? Na wykorzystaniu składników najwyższej jakości oraz na ich odpowiednim doborze. Mięso nie może zdominować smaku dodatków, natomiast dodatki nie mogą zabić aromatu mięsa. Jakie mięso warto dodać do hamburgera?

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mięso z kurczaka

Różnice między mięsem z kurczaka a indyka

Mięso jest niezwykle ważnym elementem diety, ponieważ dostarcza wielu wartości odżywczych i witamin. Jednym z najzdrowszych mięs jest drób, który wprowadzany jest do diety dzieci już od najmłodszych lat, a do tego chętnie sięgają po nie również osoby, które są na diecie. Z uwagi na różne walory smakowe i zdrowotne warto sięgać nie tylko po mięso z kurczaka, ale również z indyka. Czym się od siebie różnią i jakie zalety płyną ze spożywania każdego z nich?

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Przecinanie wstęgi

Official opening of the plant in Koluszki

The official opening of our newly built poultry cutting and poultry meat production plant in Koluszki took place on 31.08.2020. The event began with an official welcome to the guests, a glass of champagne and the blessing of the new plant. The guest were local government representatives, a dean of the Catholic Church, trusted, long-standing partners of the company and contractors, who actively took part in the construction of the plant. After a short while, the guests were invited to tour the plant and the owners boldly shared all the technological innovations used in the plant.

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kobieta w białej masce

How is ground poultry made?

Meat in a basic product used to prepare many dishes. Ground poultry is a product that consumers use relatively often. There is much talk about the quality of food products and the need to verify it before making a purchase, but meat processing itself is equally important. That is why today we will briefly discuss what the process of making minced poultry looks like, what types of meat are used and what standards must be met to obtain high quality end product.

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nagetsy z kurczaka

What meat are nuggets made of?

Nuggets are extremely popular (especially among children) breaded pieces of meat, which we may associate mainly with fast food restaurants. Obviously, the preparation of high-quality nuggets requires a particular type of meat, and poultry seems to be the best choice. The most popular type of poultry meat for making the appropriately shaped pieces with a very distinctive taste and appearance is, of course, chicken. Chicken is a type of meat containing large amounts of nutritious and easily digestible protein. In addition, this type of meat is also characterised by a high vitamin content and, naturally, a unique taste.

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Biała klawiatura

What does poultry MSM contain?

The composition of meat products does not always come down to the meat itself. In meat processing, we can very often come across the term MSM – Mechanically Separated Meat. It is most common in fragmented meat products such as pies, frankfurters, cold meat and sausages. What does MSM consist of in case of poultry? What is a chemical composition of MSM and how is it produced?

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Kotlety z kurczaka

What meat is best suited for poultry chops?

Chops have been one of the most popular dishes in Poland for several years. Poultry meat is increasingly replacing pork and beef as their main ingredient. The main factor in favour of poultry is its taste and nutritional value, which is why it is appreciated by both gourmets and healthy food enthusiasts. There are different types of poultry meat, but turkey meat in particular is suitable for chops due to its characteristics.

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Krojenie kurczaka na desce

How does the mechanical separation process work?

In order for quality raw materials to be converted into MSM meat, they must first be properly prepared on the production line and undergo a complex separation process. Due to its nature, mechanically separated meat requires special knowledge and attention – the relevant standards must be observed. When these are observed, the complex process results in high quality separated meat. How does it work?

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Mężczyzna kroi kurczaka na obiad

Nutritional value of poultry meat

Chicken is one of the most popular types of meat in the world. For good reason, poultry is a meat with a long list of advantages. It works great on a diet, and thanks to nutrients and minerals positively affects the health of everyone who eats it. It's also easy to prepare and tastes good to almost everyone Here are the key nutritional benefits of poultry meat.

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Piersi z kurczaka

How do you recognise that poultry meat is fresh?

Meat retains its freshness for a short period of time due to the changes taking place in its fats and carbohydrate fraction. These are necessary to make it fit for consumption, but taken too far will make it no longer fit for that purpose. This is due to the action of its own enzymes and other components, but also to microorganisms. Spoiled meat should always be thrown away. It's not suitable for further processing, sale or serving, as eating spoiled meat ends badly. Food poisoning, toxicoinfection, intoxication - should be an effective warning.

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Kotlety mielone

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It has been created to bring you closer to our business. You may find here articles presenting products and services offered by us. We encourage you to read on!

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